Emotional Intelligence

Unknow self-limiting beliefs and become who you truly are.

How to Defeat The Three Enemies of Self-Honesty

What to Unknow : That we are conscious of ourselves and our motivations

Changing yourself: who do you want to be?

What to Unknow: That difficulty is optional and growth must mean addition

The Fixed vs Growth Mindset: How to Unlock your Potential

What to Unknow: The fixed mindset, the role of praise and our inner critics

To People Please or Not? Oprah vs Einstein

Here we have two quotes about the importance we should give other people in life.…

Rethinking authenticity: When you shouldn’t “Be Yourself”

What to Unknow: That being yourself is always a good thing.

How to stop procrastinating

What to Unknow : That procrastination is just a time-management problem